Chef Dani

"Looking to spread love, share some tacos with your favorite people!"

My world as in the culinary arts started

long before my title as  a cook.

As a certified nurse assistant, I found cooking for patients to be the most fulfilling gift I could give.

When a hospice patient requested a meal, it warmed my heart to provide them with a delicious memory. These precious moments shaped me into

the Chef I am today.

Living each moment to its fullest is a fundamental philosophy for myself. I love taking requests and creating delicious, memorable tastes for people. When I was given the opportunity to grow, although nervous, I leaped at it!

Now in Tobala's food truck, my mobility increases my ability to serve my home, Colorado Springs.

I am elated to share my culinary passion as a Chef, mom, daughter, wife, and a culturally unique individual!