All meals come with a chef-prepared side,

and each Taco plate is with

four freshly made tacos!


Pork confit, paired with cilantro and onion.

Tacos - $14

Quesadillas - $12

King Chicken

(Popular Choice)

Seasoned chicken, bacon, and delicious cilantro-lime marinade.

Tacos - $14

Quesadilla - $12

Tacos De Birria

Slow cooked spice-braised beef, paired with cilantro and onion.

Tacos - $14

Quesadilla - $12


Build your own Keto-Bowl

Choose from any of our delicious meets, placed on top of seasoned beans or corn and sprinkled with cheese!



(No meat? No Problem!) 

Sauteed fresh vegetables, mushrooms, green and yellow squash, onions.

Fresh produce upon availability. Cheese upon request.

Tacos - $12

Quesadilla - $10

Cheese Quesadilla

Sweet and Simple, perfect for kiddos!



Quench Your Thirst

Cucumber Fresca - $2

Agave sweetened cucumber topped with tangy Tajin.

Bottled Cola - $2

Canned Soda/ Bottled Water - $1.50


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